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Water Reuse in Washington State

In many states there are significant issues regarding the availability of fresh potable water. The demand for fresh water is from three areas: fish, agriculture and drinking water. On the surface it looks like there is plenty of water in the rivers, lakes and aquifers. The problem is that 50 percent of Americans live within … Read more


Using Pumps in Groups to Increase Flow

Using Pumps in Groups to Increase Flow In most pumping situations when a larger flow rate is needed from a pump most designers will select a “bigger” pump. This usually means a pump that has a higher flow capacity. To make a pump produce higher flow the manufacturer will either increase the motor size from, … Read more

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OSCAR System Considerations Regarding Rising Water Tables

In the septic business, each season of the year brings different challenges and opportunities. Winter months often have lots of rain, which can be problematic. During and shortly after storm events, the amount of water in the ground increases, raising water tables in some areas close to surface grade. Eventually, the accumulated groundwater will migrate off … Read more

OSCAR system oregon

Landscaping On and Around Your OSCAR System in Oregon

When an OSCAR system is first installed, the appearance is a little strange. Depending on where the sand used in the installation was mined, it can be light to dark gray or even tan. Initially, the sand doesn’t have much structure, giving the impression that the system will remain a shifting pile of sand with … Read more

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Important Updates for Wastewater Treatment OSCAR Technology in Washington

The year 2020 has brought with it many new challenges and opportunities. We’ve also seen an increased demand for water treatment technologies (enhanced septic systems). This is largely due to increased housing starts. Because of this demand we have seen the OSCAR technology being used in a more generic way, instead of only where space … Read more