Landscaping On and Around Your OSCAR System in Oregon

OSCAR system oregon

OSCAR system oregon When an OSCAR system is first installed, the appearance is a little strange. Depending on where the sand used in the installation was mined, it can be light to dark gray or even tan. Initially, the sand doesn’t have much structure, giving the impression that the system will remain a shifting pile of sand with no vegetative growth. This isn’t the case and owners should keep the following in mind.

Sand Receives Nutrient-Rich Liquid

It’s important to understand that the sand around an OSCAR system receives nutrient-rich liquid via drip irrigation tubing. After activation, the sand becomes water-settled and becomes firm within days. At this point, the water and nutrients become available for plants.

Perfect Environment for Plant Growth

The consistent flow of water and nutrients in the sand creates an environment that is very conducive to plant growth. As a result, whatever you decide to plant will grow.

Some Plants Should be Avoided

What plans can you grown around your OSCAR system? It may be better to mention what shouldn’t be planted in the area. Large trees, for example, should never be planted within the coils. As the tree grows and the trunk enlarges, the nearby tubing could be damaged. Trees can, however, be planted in the sand away from the coils. Blackberries should also be kept away from the system, as they make access and maintenance nearly impossible. Virtually anything else, though, can be planted on or around the OSCAR system, including grasses, shrubs and ground covers.

Climate Considerations

If the OSCAR system is installed in a desert climate, there may be significant evaporation during the summer months. Consider covering all or a portion of the sand with bark mulch, washed rock or decomposed granite. These materials will help keep the sand moist, as well as holding the sand in place if it becomes significantly dry.

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Important Updates for Wastewater Treatment OSCAR Technology in Washington

OSCAR technology Washington

Important Updates for Wastewater Treatment OSCAR Technology in Washington

OSCAR technology Washington

The year 2020 has brought with it many new challenges and opportunities. We’ve also seen an increased demand for water treatment technologies (enhanced septic systems). This is largely due to increased housing starts. Because of this demand we have seen the OSCAR technology being used in a more generic way, instead of only where space for drainfields is limited. OSCAR is now being utilized where conventional systems could be used for a number of reasons, including cost, ease of installation, familiarity with the OSCAR, and space savings.  There have been several OSCAR technology upgrades in 2020 as well.

Plastic Insulation Sheet

A half-inch thick, closed cell plastic insulation sheet completely encases the interior of the headworks box – bottom, sides, and top. This plastic, closed cell material never gets “wet” so the insulation quality of the material is always active. 

Solid State Relays

Another OSCAR upgrade are the solid state relays. The solid state relays replace the motor contractors inside the electrical control panel. The net benefit here is that the panel can be mounted on the exterior wall of a house which is noiseless whenever the pump turns on. 


OSCAR-in-a-Box is an OSCAR technology system built inside a liner, similar to a fish pond liner. In this arrangement the OSCAR is a treatment unit that collects the treated wastewater and can then be dispersed into another drainfield technology, such as a drip field, where the property is too steep for an OSCAR dispersal unit.

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Benefits of Treating and Disposing of Washington Wastewater with a LOWeFLOW Wastewater System

Oregon wastewater treatment and dispersal systems

Benefits of Treating and Disposing of Washington Wastewater with a LOWeFLOW Wastewater System

Oregon wastewater treatment and dispersal systemsRural Washington property owners without a municipal sewer connection have a new alternative available for treatment and disposal of wastewater – especially beneficial for hard-to-perc properties. OSCAR Onsite’s new LOWeFLOW system may be the perfect solution for land owners and contractors with few or no conventional water treatment solutions available to them. Consider the following benefits of a LOWeFLOW system for your property.

No Other Devices Needed

Before the LOWeFLOW system was developed, most other wastewater treatment technologies required truckloads of sand or expensive devices requiring significant maintenance over time. In some cases it was even necessary to have blowers running 24 hours a day, seven days a week! The LOWeFLOW system leaves all that in the past with no other devices and little maintenance required.


A LOWeFLOW system is simple, using recycled glass and drip tubing technology to completely clean wastewater before releasing it into the soil and environment. Instead of chemicals or noisy blowers, LOWeFLOW gently recirculates diluted wastewater through pumas stone made from recycled glass that would otherwise go to a landfill.

Easy to Install

The LOWeFLOW system is very easy to install, taking an average contractor less than a day to complete. It’s delivered directly to the contractor’s place of business or the job site in two pieces: a 5-foot diameter basin and a pallet of pumas stone treatment media. Except for the PCV pipe and fittings, all parts are included.

A LOWeFLOW System for Your Washington Property

When you purchase a LOWeFLOW system package from OSCAR Onsite, online and in-field certification training is available as part of the purchase price. This system also meets the Oregon DEQ requirements for treatment level 1 (TL1). Contact us with questions or for more information about our Idaho, Oregon and Arizona products, including our high-quality water reuse systems.

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