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Welcome to Lowridge Onsite Technologies, LLC

Lowridge Onsite Technologies, LLC (Lowridge) provides the onsite wastewater and reuse/reclaimed water industries with products and services that enable and enhances society’s ability to protect and conserve our water resources. Our flagship product, OSCAR-LOWeFLOW™ system has daily design flows ranging from 240 gpd to 100,000 gpd.

NOTICE: Design manual has been updated. Revisions included:
  1. OS-100 OSCAR coils rated at 100 gpd with 18″+ of soil.
  2. LOWeFLOW media spec has been changed to a recycled glass product called Growstone.
  3. The calculations for the OSCAR system have been simplified.

Lowridge can provide complete project management consultation services and innovative products to engineers and installation contractors. Lowridge can custom design and manufacture reclaim water or onsite wastewater treatment systems by integrating all aspects of wastewater treatment: hydraulic, biological, filtration, botanical, electrical controls, and final dispersal.

We will collaborate with your project manager to develop a complete management plan that will address all aspects of your system’s performance and eliminate unnecessary maintenance tasks, thereby reducing lifetime operating costs.

It is the mission of Lowridge to offer the most efficient products and methods of reclaimed and wastewater management to protect our environment and to ensure the future of our water supply.

Proudly featuring: OSCAR-LOWeFLOW™ Treatment and Dispersal System