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xo2The XO2 system is a complete onsite sewage treatment and disposal system. The XO2 comprises a septic tank, oxidation tank, clarifier, and an OSCAR for final treatment and dispersal. Testing completed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) show the highest monthly average treatment level of 2 mg/l CBOD, 2 mg/l TSS, and 36 FC/ 100 ml.

OSCAR-XO2 only needs 12 inches of soil and has the smallest foot print available for Washington State. The coils used with the OSCAR-XO2 have the same physical format as any of the the OSCAR products, but there is a difference. The OSCAR OS-50 and OS-100 coils used in conjunction with the XO2 system have greater design flows: 62.5 gallons per day for the OS-50 coils and 125 gallons per day with the OS-100 coils.


XO2 500 Tanks

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OS-50 severalThe OSCAR system is approved to be used with the XO2 system. OSCAR with the XO2 has a similar look to the OSCAR-II system with a few distinct differences: flow rate per coil, reduced amount of sand required, and fewer coils compared to the OSCAR-II.

OSCAR w/XO2 has a design flow rate of 62.5 gallons per OS-50 coil and 125 gallons per OS-100 coil. The amount of sand under the coils is reduced to 6 inches deep (compared to 12 inches for OSCAR-II), and the square footage of the basal area is calculated simply the design flow divided by secondary treatment loading rates. And finally, the design flow rate is based on the 150 gallons per bedroom per day for the first bedroom and an addition 50 gallons per day for each additional bedroom.

You will also notice the difference in the drawing labels. The OSCAR with the XO2 is labeled OSX.



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The OSCAR-II system is another of our high-quality Idaho wastewater treatment and dispersal products, developed and approved for use with as little as 12” of soil above the restrictive layer or water table. An at-grade onsite sewage treatment and dispersal component dosed with septic tank effluent, the OSCAR-II is comprised of a 12” layer of medium sand media and a series of custom manufactured Netafim Bioline drip tubing coils. The sand media is placed on a prepared soil surface with OSCAR coils placed on top and covered with another 6” of sand media. No other cover material is needed.

The OSCAR-II system is comprised of a single compartment septic tank, a discharge tank, a reverse flush headworks, and the OSCAR unit. The septic and discharge tank must be on the approved list (TGM Section 5.2 Approved Septic Tanks) and IDAPA The OSCAR unit can be designed with two coil options: OS-50 (5’ diameter coil rated at 50 GPD) and OS-100 (7’ diameter coil rated at 100 GPD).

OSCAR-II Documentation

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LF1P-RF-ID (old version)

OSCAR-II Large Soil Absorption System Design Manual-Idaho

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Conventional Idaho wastewater treatment and dispersal systems can’t do the job? OSCAR Onsite’s wide variety of reliable and affordable alternative products and systems may be just the ticket to keep your wastewater management project moving forward. Wastewater and water reclamation system contractors throughout the state depend on our experienced and knowledgeable pros to help identify and place alternative treatment and dispersal units and technologies.

The Orchard Combat Training Center’s (OCTC) shower facility is an example of how a single duplex pump station can facilitate a high daily flow. Although the OCTC facility has a design flow of 2200 gallons per day, it is a good example of how a Large system is laid out. The case study of this facility can be found here. Lowridge Onsite Technologies, LLC provides design assistance including DWG or pdf drawings, material specifications and submittals, and field installation training.

Septic systems with design flows over 2500 gallons per day (Large Soil Absorption Systems) have a different set of regulations than for design flows under 2500 gallons per day. The OSCAR-II system is no different, so we’ve developed a design manual for larger systems to meet Idaho regulations. OSCAR Onsite also provides design assistance including DWG or PDF drawings, material specifications and submittals, and field installation training for all our Idaho wastewater treatment and dispersal products and systems.

One unique design feature of the Larger OSCAR-II systems is that it’s operated by a small 1/2 hp, 110 volt pump. A duplex set of pumps and one headworks can operate a system design flow of 5600 gallons per day, and if a larger flow is needed, an additional duplex pumping station can be installed in the same or different pump tank.

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