Product Details

LF-500: LOWeFLOW treatment system for up to 500 gpd design flow.
Price: $4,708.00


  • 5’ diameter basin
  • 3” ADS under drain
  • reverse flush headworks w/flow meter
  • 1/2 hp pump
  • control panel
  • four float switches
  • LOWeFLOW coil and plumbing
  • adapters

Items supplied by others:

  1. Tanks
  2. Risers
  3. Electrical splice boxes
  4. Discharge pump (if needed)
  5. Pipe & fittings
  6. Drainfield components

Price: $832.00

The treatment media for the LOWeFLOW system is made of “foamed glass”. Foamed glass is a recycled material made from mixed colored, crushed glass. The end result is a man made pumice stone.