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The OSCAR-XO2 system is a complete onsite sewage treatment and disposal system. The XO2 comprises a treatment and discharge tanks. The treatment tank comprises a septic chamber, and an oxidation chamber, and the discharge tank has a clarifier, and a pump chamber. The OSCAR coils and sand are the final treatment and dispersal components. Testing completed by the National Sanitation Foundation show the average treatment level of 2 mg/l CBOD, 2 mg/l TSS, and 84 TC/ 100 ml.

OSCAR-XO2 only needs 18 inches of vertical separation and has a small foot print. The OSCAR has two coil sizes: an OS-50 and OS-100, with application rates of 62.5 gallons per day and 125 gallons per day, respectfully.

The XO2 tanks have five design flow arrangements: 500, 750, 1125, 2250, and 3,000 gallons per day. The OSCAR coils can be arranged in flow rates ranging from 150 gallons per day up to 3,000 gallons per day. For instance, five OS-50 coils could be combined to have a design flow of up to 312 gpd.

OS-50 4 stripe

Control Panel Wiring Diagram