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The OSCAR-XO2 system is a complete onsite sewage treatment and disposal system. The XO2 comprises treatment and discharge tanks. The treatment tank comprises a septic and oxidation chamber, and the discharge tank has a clarifier and pump chamber. The OSCAR coils and sand are the final treatment and dispersal components. Testing completed by the National Sanitation Foundation shows the average treatment level of less than 4 mg/l CBOD and 2 TSS, and 333 TC/ 100 ml.

OSCAR-XO2 only needs 24 inches of vertical separation and has a small foot print. The flow rate of the OS-50 OSCAR coil is 62.5 gallons per day. There are 5 OSCAR sizes: 150, 300, 450, 600, and 750 gallon per day.

OS-50 4 stripe

Control Panel Wiring Diagram


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