"The Oscar System is probably the best home improvement I have made!

From start to finish I feel I made the right choice ! My yard looks better than before which is very rare with an above ground septic field- the low profile is awesome. The installer , Ken Calder Construction, and the designer of the system, Dave Lowe, were professional, attentive and all around amazing guys who promptly addressed all of my questions and concerns.

I highly recommend this system as well as Ken and Dave ! Thank you both for such an excellent experience:)

  lowridge tech

Our nice, flat and green OSCAR drainfield which makes a nice play area for our golden retriever. It also just looks nice. Imagine the wasted space three septic mounds would’ve taken up


Thanks so much for your immediate response! I have to take a moment to tell you that we are extremely impressed with high level of customer service, information and support you have personally provided from the start of this project. We know your time is very valuable so for you to take our calls and respond so quickly makes us realize we made the right choice in going with your system.