Welcome to Lowridge Onsite Technologies, Inc.

oscar on-site technologies Wastewater Treatment Dispersal System Lowridge Onsite Technologies, Inc. (Lowridge) provides the onsite wastewater industry with the products that enable us to protect and conserve our water resources. Our primary product, the OSCAR-XO2, has daily design flows ranging from 240 gpd to 500,000+ gpd, the industries smallest foot print, requires the least amount of soil, and is capable of meeting the highest recognized treatment standard required by code without any disinfection accessories.

Lowridge provides complete system packages that make installation quick and simple with easy to follow instructions. Lowridge custom designs onsite wastewater treatment systems by integrating all aspects of wastewater treatment: hydraulic, biological, filtration, electrical controls, and final dispersal. Depending on the needs and layout, we can be a one stop shop for onsite wastewater needs.

It is the mission of Lowridge to offer the most efficient products and methods of wastewater treatment to protect our environment and to ensure the future of our water supply. Sustainability begins with economic viability. It ends with no negative environmental impacts. Lowridge products do both!